Diversity, equity and inclusion statement

Engineering is fundamental to how we all live, work and play. However, both diversity and inclusion are limited in the industry and it often fails to meet the needs and experiences of everyone in society. From racially biased AI to gendered design that can have fatal consequences, the lack of representation has far reaching consequences.

This has to change. We need to see a pivotal shift in curriculum, culture and practice to encourage a greater diversity of voices and ensure we understand and meet the needs of all people…

We all have a role to play in achieving this change. Engineers Without Borders UK is guided by a set of principles that we believe will help ensure that all viewpoints and knowledge are heard, included and respected, and that diversity is maintained once achieved.

Our principlesĀ 

Reflection and education. We will regularly reflect on our experiences and actions and prioritise the need to educate ourselves, challenging our own biases.

Progress not perfection. We will have a mindset of learning, seeing the value in asking questions and having challenging conversations, instead of just highlighting right or wrong.

Accountability. We will hold ourselves and those around us to account when it comes to representation and implementation.

Lasting and meaningful change. We will follow through on our commitments and ensure our actions are not simply box-ticking exercises. We will focus on long-term, impactful change.

Being an ally. We will strive to identify when to step back, providing space for those best placed to share knowledge, experience or perspective. But we will navigate when to use our platform to amplify causes or marginalised voices.