End of 2022 Newsletter

It’s been a busy semester for all of our students and project teams. We’ve been working hard this semester on our project work, but we’ve also been spending time forming connections.

We’ve had an admin retreat, our annual camping trip, an engineering student group kickball tournament, a networking & bowling event, and recently built gingerbread houses for an end-of-semester event.

Looking to the future for our projects, our East Africa team is having an assessment trip over winter break. Six students and two of our mentors will be traveling to Malawi for a week over our winter break, which you can read more about below. Our Guatemala project team is continuing design planning for our partnership in Chi Chokon, and wrapping up our project in Chirijuyu. Our Local Projects Team is finishing up some of their previous projects with UFGA and is looking at partnering with them on another community garden soon.

EWB GTMD Drawing Winner: Sam Maijala!

I’m a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Sustainability Studies. I enjoy getting to interact with other engineering disciplines through EWB and work with local community leaders to solve problems.