Marketing Updates

Marketing Team

Lots of progress has been made from the fundraising team this semester. We worked on putting together the Spring Donor Report and are also learning more about ways to fundraise for our local projects as EWB continues to grow in that space. The team is also starting to plan for the fundraising process to support our project work for the next year!  

On the creative side, we hosted another painting event where food was provided, and members were able to paint their own tote bags while watching a movie together!

If you are interested in helping plan creative tasks out, helping raise funds to support our group, or are just a big fan of trivia, join us at Marketing Meetings Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm in Bruininks 312!

Community Context Committee (CCC)

This month the CCC talked about reliability, connecting it to a broader discussion of socio-technical assessments. Firstly, we looked at the dictionary definition of reliability: “The quality of being trustworthy or of performing well” (Oxford). While seemingly simple, trustworthiness and good performance are determined differently by different people based on their background, past experiences, and personal values. Two people may agree that a source is reliable based on two different reasons or disagree about its reliability based on the same reason, whether they find the author trustworthy or not, for example. We wanted to highlight this subjectivity in the discussion of reliability because it is usually approached as an objective measure of a source’s overall worth. This is important because it shows that every source, every person we talk to, is reliable in some contexts and their voice should be included. This connects to the idea of socio-technical assessments, assessments that include collection of both technical and social data, because, in order to effectively collect social data, we need to engage with a variety of people in a variety of contexts to understand as many perspectives as we can. Social data can include demographic surveys, individual’s opinion of the project, historical experiences, current events, and much more. Finding ways to integrate this data with the technical data throughout the course of the project will hopefully build a closer relationship with our partner community, improve workflow, and lead to longer term project success.