Marketing Updates

Fundraising Update

Get ready for a school year full of Fundraising! This year, EWB has several different project groups that will need some form of fundraising. We will be funding projects in Chi Chokon in Guatemala, St. Pious in Malawi, and even a project locally, here in St. Paul! Between these 3 projects, we will be working on water sourcing/distribution, water quality, sanitation and community garden projects! 

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in funding our projects for the next year. Marketing meetings will be held every Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in Armory 202. Marketing Meetings consist of Fundraising and Creative work!  

At those meetings, if interested in working on Fundraising, there will be opportunities to learn more about all of the projects we are working on this upcoming year. Additionally, you can learn more about grant writing and crowdfunding campaigns, and get involved in spreading the word about the work we are doing to those outside of our chapter! This semester there are several events Fundraising is a part of, including the Fall Donor Report, Give to the Max Day and several grants to apply for!

The creative team is also a part of the marketing team, and is working closely with the fundraising team throughout the year to assist with any graphics needed for grant writing and crowdfunding as well as spreading the word about our chapter through social media. As we get back into the school year we’ll be starting to work on designing this year’s merchandise, so keep an eye out for updates on that if you’re interested on our social media!

CCC Update

The Community Context Committee is working on new content for presentations this fall. A primary topic is power dynamics between “skilled” and “unskilled” workers. What are the connotations of these labels? How do they impact project partnerships and trust? We are creating presentations as introductions to Malawian and Guatemalan history and current affairs. We are also collaborating with EWB-USA to build cultural competency discussions into project lead training and travel documentation. We look forward to your conversations this semester!