Member Highlights

Student Highlight

Alex Hawkins

Alex is the student lead for the Division of Indian Work (DIW) project of our local collaboration with the Twin Cities professional chapter of Engineers Without Borders. He worked with DIW for several months before the official project start, helping identify scope, organize resources, and facilitate communication between DIW & the professional chapter leadership. Alex joined the EWB-UMN’s Ethiopia Program just last year and worked on UFGA partnership, helping design and construct the new greenhouse in the Peace Garden. He’s currently working with students and professionals in the Local Collaboration to advance research on solar, compost, and rainwater catchment projects at DIW. Overall, Alex has played a major role in getting the project off the ground. Go Alex!

Mentor Highlight

Chris Ellis

Alex is the student lead for the Division of Indian Chris has degrees in electrical and civil engineering with a focus on water resource engineering. He spent his professional career working at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory before semi-retiring in 2017. Shortly after retirement he started mentoring EWB-UMN’s Guatemala Program and started mentoring the Ethiopia Program soon after that. In addition to helping students out with any water-related questions, Chris has been a great help with construction related projects as well. He has rehabbed 3 houses in his free time and has been able to offer his construction experience during design, and during the EWB-UMN implementation trip to Parajax in 2019. Chris thoroughly enjoys spending time with students working on projects, and we immensely appreciate all that he has done for both our students and our international programs!

Alumni Highlight

Allan Ouyang

Allan Ouyang is a full time actuary at Travelers. He was also the Vice President of our chapter in 2018 and was a subgroup lead in the Ethiopia program. One of Allan’s biggest takeaways from EWB was learning that there aren’t always textbook solutions to challenges. Sometimes the best course of action is taking a step back and developing novel solutions. Allan believes that EWB was the most rewarding experience in his undergraduate education because it was a great way to make an impact on people who were in need of infrastructure development, learn more about communities outside of his own, and the most tangible way of seeing his work play out from the classroom to the world.

Thank you!

Donor Highlight

Dr. Steven Savitt and Dr. Gloria Kumagai

This pair has been supporting us since our chapter first started over a dozen years ago! Dr. Savitt received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota and is a member of the CSE Alumni Society Board supporting not only us but also the University! As a retired engineer, Dr. Savitt appreciates the EWB is able to adapt and move forward with whatever is on hand. Dr. Kumagai is also an alumnus of the University of Minnesota with a PhD in educational administration and now teaches at Walden University and has a strong focus in educational leadership and cultural proficiency in education! We are grateful for their continued support of our work!