Paraxaj, Guatemala


TankOur current Guatemala project involves the installation of a water distribution system for the village of Paraxaj. Paraxaj is an isolated village of around 1200 people located high in the mountains of central Guatemala, near our previous partner community of Xiquin Sanahi. They have no reliable year-round water source. Several community members have wells; however, these water sources often run dry, they are distributed inequitably, and some have been found contaminated with bacteria, nitrates, and even dead rats. Seeing the success of our Xiquin Sanahi project, the village leaders requested our chapter’s guidance in designing a safe and reliable system of water distribution for the town.

Watch this video below for a short recap of our work in Paraxaj.

NGO Collaboration

For this project, we will continue to work with our local NGO representatives, Long Way Home. Long Way Home has supported us during many projects in the past and present through assistance with translation, cultural knowledge, and communication with our partner communities. Their expertise is invaluable and we hope to maintain a productive relationship into the future.

Where We Are

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