Ruth V. Jones

Our chapter is deeply saddened by the sudden and heartbreaking loss of our dear friend Ruth Jones. Ruth was joyful about her support of EWB. She was passionate about the difference EWB could make in bringing clean water to people who need it. As a retired schoolteacher, she was thrilled to have a role in encouraging students to use their skills and energy to help people around the world.

Ruth was not only a benefactor, but also a tireless champion of our mission. She gladly and consistently promoted the work of EWB to other societies she was active in, including the University of Minnesota Women’s Club. On her recent trip to Ethiopia, Ruth brought copies of our 2019 Fall Donor Report to share with fellow travelers and their guide. She found herself just 40 miles from our partner community of Filakit and gained a new appreciation for just how important our work—and by extension, her work—was to these communities. Ruth was excited for the opportunity to meet with students and share her experiences, once it was again safe to do so.

Ruth’s legacy and passion will live on forever here in EWB-USA UMN. She was a planner and a visionary. Thanks to her generosity, and through the Ruth V. Jones Fund for Global Student Engagement, launched in 2018, our chapter will continue to receive support every year, forever, to continue with projects around the world. To learn more about Ruth and her decision to dedicate her namesake fund, we encourage you to read this article from the Spring 2019 edition of the CEGE Magazine.