Victoria Garden, St. Paul

Victoria Garden


This year the Ethiopia Program and Guatemala Program are joining forces to continue working locally while moving forward on international projects. Our chapter will continue to build our relationship with the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance by carrying the momentum of the Peace Sanctuary Project into future projects.

Our Partner

Urban Farm & Garden Alliance (UFGA) is a network of eight community gardens throughout the St. Paul neighborhoods of Rondo and Frogtown. As taken from UFGA’s website: “The alliance of these gardens serves to share ideas, resources, and co-host educational workshops and summer activities and events through partnerships with other organizations and institutions. […] These partnerships and relationships have been important in creating community around healthy, nutritious foods and continuing to help create greater access to growing food and green space for residents in neighborhoods that have suffered the consequences of institutionalized racism. This includes, in particular, the destruction and severing of the historic Rondo neighborhood by building interstate 94 through a thriving African American community.”

Our Work

The Victoria Community Garden focuses on providing a growing space to gardeners in the surrounding area. Individual raised-bed plots are used to grow fresh produce as long as the growing season will allow. EWB-USA UMN will be partnering with the community to improve some key components of the space: landscaping, garden box structure, water distribution, seating, lighting, accessibility, and composting. Our team will collaborate closely with community members to design these improvements over the course of the academic year, planning to implement the project in Spring 2022.

Where We Are

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Guatemala Project Meetings are held every Thursday from 7-8:30 pm and Ethiopia Project Meetings are held every Tuesday from 7-8:30om.