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Only 7% of engineering companies who have a sustainability strategy believe they have the skills to fulfil it (IET, 2020)

To ensure the needs of all people are met within the limits of our planet, we need engineers who are able to embrace complexity to deliver urgently on what society needs most.

This is where the Compass comes in.

The Global Responsibility Competency Compass points practitioners towards the capabilities they will need to stay relevant in the face of 21st century challenges. It offers individuals, teams and companies a clear pathway to identify strengths and any gaps in the skills needed to ensure projects deliver sustainable, equitable and ethical results, as well as access to practical learning resources to develop these.

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This product was created by Engineers Without Borders UK, developed with the support of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and is endorsed by the Engineering Council.

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Team action plans

We will add guidance on team action plans and workshop facilitation to the online portal once it has been tested with a broad range of users.

If you would like to contribute to that testing – please do get in touch; we can facilitate an interactive workshop (online or in person depending on location) to help form your team’s action plan.

Request a team workshop by emailing [email protected] with subject heading “Compass Team Action Plan”.

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